July 17, 2014

Summertime and the living is Darla dirladada


Darla dirladada

 "Darla dirladada" is a traditional song, originating from the island of Kalymnos in Greece.


It was conceived as a song that sponge divers would sing when traveling with their caïque boats across the seas. The song's lyrics contain words of encouragement and the opportunity awaiting the crew.
One of the most notable recordings is that performed by Pantelis Ginis, a Kalymnian sponge diver captain, who, in his version, is making a reference to another respected diver captain, Manolis (Emmanuel) Theodosiou, whose nickname was 'Kobalis'. Ginis, in his version, relates the time Kobalis walked into a coffee shop where Ginis was singing Darla dirladada.

Modern versions

In 1970 the song was recorded by Italian-Egyptian-French singer Dalida. It was released as a single from her album Ils ont changé ma chanson, on which it features as the sixth track. Dalida also recorded the song in the English-language.
The song has been featured in Marva, an IsraelI television youth program. The most notable cover version, so far, is that of G.O. Culture in 1993, which became a huge hit in France.
And on and on... in 2014 there was even a post on Spirits & Spices ;)


 Darla dirladada...


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  1. funny ,i thought this was the oldest recorded version(the theme is probably older -i've heard it as a traditional Algerian tune )

    thanks Mi