May 9, 2013

Nelson Sargento ~ sonho de un Sambista a  piano is  not just a piano
and  water is H2O and  hundreds of rivers  and seas    
Samba is bigger than life and  thousands  of  life's stories..

an exquisite and much loved artist  -Nelson Sargento : 

Nelson Sargento is the artistic name of Nelson Mattos, born on the 25th of July, in a public hospital (Santa Casa de Misericórdia) in Rio de Janeiro. He was raised in Tijuca, in the house of Portuguese shop owners for whom his mother worked as a housemaid. On weekends his mother would take him to visit their family  on the morro (hill) of Salgueiro, a redoubt of samba, and when he was twelve they moved to the morro de Mangueira.
Nelson is the last of the old guardia of Mangueira, Rio's most storied samba school. His "As Quatro Estações do Ano" is considered to be Mangueira's most beautiful carnival samba of all time.......

Em Português

um sonho


  1. Oh Boy, oh boi, oh...

    yes... as a post is a post...

    as me is mi...

    ; )

  2. I love
    I love water
    I love life
    I love samba
    (from another grateful soldier)