December 10, 2010

You And I Are Disappearing

Daniel Carter & Reuben Radding - Luminescence

1. You And I Are Disappearing
2. Ancestral Voyage-Mystery Succeed
3. Refracted Light And Grace
4. Blessing The Ride
5. Vignettes
6. Qualcosa Verso Azzurro
7. Occurrences, Places, Entities And The Sea

Listen it is thegoodone.

Daniel Carter, master of the improvisational sax, clarinet, trumpet and flute. Loking for infos on this man I found nothing but good words, admiration, obviously beloved by coligues, musician's musicians, not only a surce of great sound but a source of wisdom. After one concert in Seattle Reuben's wife said of Daniel: "He makes you want to be a better person", can you say something more beautiful of another human being?

Aumfidelity on carter: Daniel Carter is not an enigma, no more than a teeming forest is. Give some sincerely up for true and you've made a commitment which will last a lifetime, if you've got the mettle for searching unfettered.
I first became aware of Daniel Carter's immense talents through the collective
Other Dimensions In Music. Every time, and I mean every time, I've heard the man bring an instrument to his lips - be it reeds, brass or flute - beautiful sounds emanate. His is a rare natural gift, though he is learned a-plenty, never you mind about the anarchy speak ~ in the sense that it is so commonly misconstrued.
If the world ever does truly silence for a moment please, the first sounds I would want to hear are the ones that Daniel Carter chooses, because I know that true democracy is deep in his essence.
I love it with tears of joy when he laughs; I love the way he dances. -SJ
Over the past three decades-plus, Daniel Carter has performed with: Sun Ra, Billy Bang, Roger Baird, William Parker, Roy Campbell, Sabir Mateen, Simone Forti, Joan Miller, Thurston Moore, Nayo Takasaki, Earl Freeman, Dewey Johnson, Nami Yamamoto, Matthew Shipp, Wilber Morris, Denis Charles, MMW (Medeski, Martin, & Wood), Vernon Reid, Raphé Malik, Sam Rivers, Sunny Murray, Hamiet Bluiett, Cecil Taylor, David S. Ware, Karl Berger, Don Pate, Gunter Hampel, Alan Silva, Susie Ibarra, D.J. Logic, Margaret Beals, Douglas Elliot, Butch Morris, TEST, OTHER DIMENSIONS IN MUSIC, ONE WORLD ENSEMBLE, SATURNALIA STRING TRIO, LEVITATION UNIT, WET PAINT, THE TRANSCENDENTALISTS, and many many many many others (meaning more every week or day practically).

Daniel Carter Interview
by Nils Jacobson

Tell me about anarchy.
It's funny, the word anarchy and anarchism, or anarchist... You know, there's a slightly different connotation, at least to my ear, between anarchy and anarchism...

...The idea of people freely associating, and deciding for themselves individually and collectively, what it is they want to do, rather directly... Might even be more of a democracy than a democracy, certainly as we know it. So I think there's a semantic problem in some people's ears, and I don't blame them. But for some reason I latched onto the anarchist idea, maybe because there is the misunderstanding, and it it could be interesting. Maybe even by the time I was born it had a little more bite to it, a little more of an edge to it, than the mere word democracy. But I think the real idea behind democracy, maybe even ideas that the founding fathers were not even prepared to try to realize because of their situation, is not so different from anarchism. ...more


  1. you are right kokolo there is nothing more beautiful to be said about your next one:
    "He makes you want to be a better person"
    but that's mutual I guess :)
    If all of us could understand the power of this phrase,and make it reality..
    thank you

  2. probably right in front of me, but the password might be ... ?

  3. thegoodone

    is the the key ... :)

  4. really WAS right in front of me %^)

    great blog, just found you guys and see I've got some exp;oring to do, thanks