December 18, 2010

Chico Freeman - Spirit Sensitive

today was a Chico Freeman day,and the best way to end it (and any day) is this beauty,that you can call
the art of breathing new life to standards recorded in the midst of Chico's free jazz wonder adventures
back in 1977 ,India Navigation  and heavenly ballads,you know...
summertime autumntime wintertime anytime

the quartet:
Bass - Cecil Mcbee 
Drums - Billy Hart, Famoudou Don Moye 
Piano - John Hicks 
Tenor Saxophone - Chico Freeman


  1. The review sayes "Freeman pushes at but does not break the boundaries of hard bop." Drop me some good old hard bop eny time, especially one this beautiful I don't care about pushing the boundaries, just beauty. Thanks for this fine spiritual jazz.

  2. I have noticed that record reviewers are "breaking the boundaries mad",and not content with the obvious beauty in front of them.that is called neurosis,the poor creatures...