December 21, 2010

Brazilian spices...

Tania Maria

Picante/Concord, 1980


1 - Yatra-Tá - Tania Maria/Correa Reis
2 - It's not for me to Say - Robert Allen
3 - Triste - Jobim
4 - Chiclete com Banana - Jackson Do Pandeiro.
5 - Lemon Cuica - Tania Maria/Correa Reis
6 - Super Happy - Tania Maria
7 - Començar de Novo - Ivan Lins/Victor Martins
8 - Vem P'ra Roda - Tania Maria/Correa Reis


Tania Maria: Piano, Vocals
Willie T. Colon: Percussion
Eddie Duran: Guitar
Rob Fisher: Bass
Vince Lateano: Percussion, Drums

Phil Edwards: Engineer
Cal Tjader: Producer

Great stuff! Tania Maria's first few years recording in the US were some of her best – and this excellent groover on Picante features some very tight Brazilian jazz tracks, cut with a small combo of west coasters, and produced by Cal Tjader with a smooth jazzy vibe. The overall sound is nicely stripped-down, and the main focus is on Tania's soulful voice and piano. Titles include "Lemon Cuica", "Chiclete Com Banana", "Yatra Ta", "Comecar De Novo", and "Super Happy".  © 1996-2010, Dusty Groove America, Inc.


Tania Maria's debut American release helped introduce her to U.S. audiences. Joined by a quintet that includes guitarist Eddie Duran, the exuberant vocalist and pianist performs four of her colorful originals, a couple of obscurities, and a song apiece by Jobim ("Triste") and Ivan Lins. Maria's mixture of Latin jazz with Brazilian pop is quite appealing and helped make her a popular star; this was one of her better efforts.
~ Scott Yanow

Dear Scotty:
Jackson Do Pandeiro: "a couple of obscurities" ... where do you live? in a cave?!


Jazz, Pop, Latin, who cares  :)

if it's tasty we call it music :)

some more ?


  1. We came on poor old Scotty quite hard these days, let's not be too hard, man can't know everything, afeter all, he is probably tired of it sometimes.
    Tania is a powerfull woman and she speeks of it in every tone, spicey, she is more than sixty now and still bursts out with energy like on that one from early eightys. That is what Scotty would have said if he had more time to really listen.
    Thanks for this Miguel.
    Maybe you should check out this in cooperation with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, one of my favourite bass players from:

  2. Thank you Kokolo! I already did! :)

    No I don't go to hard on "Scotty" ... quite often I do agree with him... It's just that this All music guide is more an American music guide... that's the cave :)


  3. I live in a cave but I know Jackson do Pandeiro


  4. I would sometimes like to live in a cave.