December 24, 2010


Fanga - Natural Juice

I must say this is my all time favourite afrobeat album, made by any of Fela's childern over the globe. Firm sound, based on Nigerian and Ghanean musical traditions form 70s', prophetic voice, engaged lyrics of re-integration of humanity and Earth (not that I understand Dioula (Dyula) in wich moast lyrics are song),are reasons why Fanga, meaning strength of conviction, should be here at spirit&spices. Their sound certanly carries the spirit of Anikulapo, and that is an another proof that Fela still has death in his pocket.

01. Crache La Douleur (Feat Tony Allen)
02. Natural Juice (Ashanti Mix)
03. Kononi (Feat Kady Diarra)
04. Ni I Matoro
05. I Didnt Know
06. Iba
07. Bolli (It is time for Juju music)
08. Noble Tree (Feat Segun Damisa)
09. Keneya
10. Kelen
11. Noble Tree (Notaliban Remix, feat Mike Ladd)

To get the Juice thegoodone is the word to say.

Fanga (meaning spiritual force in the west african dialect dioula) consists of 8 musicians that breathe afrobeat - the hypnotic fusion of funk and african traditional music as pioneered by fela anikulapo kuti in the seventies. fanga was born from the meeting between vocalist yves khoury aka korbo of burkina faso and programmer serge amiano. after an initial vinyl and cd release under the name of korbo, a live line-up brought together the promotional 6-track cd afrofanga in 2002 leading to the first album afrokaliptyk in 2004. fanga has evolved afrobeat to a new era, whilst keeping its foundation and instrumentation within traditional codes (a single infectious pulse laced with hypnotic cycles of instrumental freedom). this evolution is helped by the judicious use of electronics and held together by korbo’s unique and compelling vocal style. all this to deliver a vital and seductive message: fighting for fundamental human rights, for the right to be different, against the inequality arising from profit, against self-destruction and for reuniting humanity with the earth. in 2006, the band meets up with the record label cosmic groove leading naturally to a fruitful collaboration. ater two maxi 12″ releases (playlisted by gilles peterson, dj spinna, …..), a number of concerts and festivals (including supports to antibalas, meï teï shô, seun kuti, guem…), fanga records its new album “natural juice” in collaboration with a number of exceptional artists such as tony allen on two tracks, segun damisa (ex-musician of fela and femi) playing percussion and vocals, as well as the singer kaddy diara, the rising star of burkina faso on the track ‘kononi’. fanga is sammy devauchelle (drums), eric durand (percussion), rajaneesh dwivedi (bass), julien raulet (guitar), david rekkab (keyboard), martial reverdy (sax) and yves korbo khoury (vocals). side a natural juice “ashanti mix” (short edit) 6′22 ni i matoro 7′58 side b iba “the funkyalaafia mix” feat tony allen & segun damisa 5′19 i didn’t know 8′54 side c crache la douleur* feat tony allen (short edit) 5′35 kononi feat kady diarra 8′41 side d noble tree feat segun damisa 9′35 bolli* “it’s time for juju music” 3′00. From...

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