December 14, 2010

Malachi Thompson - Spirit

1. Spirit of Man
2. Back to the One
3. A Rising Daystar
4. Dhyia Malika
5. I Remember Clifford
6. Dearly Beloved - (bonus track)
7. No More Hard Times

Malachi Thompson (trumpet), Leon Thomas (vocals), Arnae Burton (vocals), Carter Jefferson (tenor saxophone), Albert Dailey (piano), James King (bass), Nasar Abadey (drums), Randy Abbott (congos).

Jazz is the music of freedom. Freedom is primarily a mental state of being. The artist certainly has the liberty to create a great music, but whether his mind is trained or free to do so is another issue. Looking at Jazz from a historical reference point, the elements that contribute to the making of a good Jazz musician are; mastery of the instrument, a working knowledge of music theory, a chronological reference to past greats and most importantly, a concept or sense of self.
We all can't be innovators, but we all have a 'voice'.


Don't worry everything will pass just call on thegoodone :)

Malachi Thompson

1 comment:

  1. finding your own voice is already an innovation for many,
    but finding your spirit can be a revelation.
    many thanks kokolo for another gem.