June 22, 2010

We are here

Dear Qi, so true what you are saying... One of the few deep emotional encounters I had with art in the last years was when I stumbled by chance into an exhibition by RongRong & inri... I didn't know them, hadn't even heard their names before,... the moment I entered the pictures took me.. they were talking to my, telling me their story, my story... opened my heart, my soul, my brain... this was art, but it was life too, these were photos, but had many more dimensions... till the end of the exhibition I went there almost every day... it was like going to the temple... meditation... giving me soo much... I will add a few pictures from the net (of the ones I've seen)... but they give only a pale idea... you have to see them for real and together as they were planned... and I love the architecture of the Three Shadows Photography Art Center... so if you're in Beijing please say thank you in my name... 


RongRong began photographing Beijing’s “East Village” in 1992, capturing the lives of China’s young avant-garde artists who were living there. Inri trained as a freelance photographer in Japan, graduating from the Nippon Photography Institute in 1992. They have been working together since 2000. Their works are poetic meditations on the visual narrative from death and ruins to rebirth and transcendence. They now live and work in Beijing, where they recently established the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in 2007, China’s first art space dedicated to contemporary photography and video art.




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