June 27, 2010


The Creator Has a Master Plan

by Pharoah Sanders and Leon Thomas

creation has a master plan,
peace and happiness for every man.
creation has a working plan,
peace and happiness for every man.
creation makes but one demand,
happiness through all the land.
shall I drop some words here? I don't know. Yes I changed the lyrics a bit, it's just words...Can't believe that this was one of my first LP's good American pressing... Yes there is music and there is music... This one is almost perfect... And creation is there all the time with us, we're part of it, can touch it, smell it, see it, feel it, hear it, understand it, at least try to, observing  the simple rules that rule the universe, yes it gets fucking difficult in the details, then step back, calm down, listen... if it feels right, it must be right and if it feels wrong, it must be wrong and it is not me who said that, it is nature talking... What the hell is religion doing here... what are they preaching... Let's listen to some real music again :)

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