June 23, 2010

Looking for Kabir ?

There's a moon in my body

There's a moon in my body, but I can't see it!
A moon and a sun.
A drum never touched by hands, beating, and I can't hear it!

As long as a human being worries about when he will die,
and what he has that is his,
all of his works are zero.
When affection for the I-creature and what it owns is dead,
then the work of the Teacher is over.

The purpose of labor is to learn;
when you know it, the labor is over.
The apple blossom exists to create fruit; when that
comes, the petal falls.

The musk is inside the deer, but the deer does not
look for it:
it wanders around looking for grass.

Within this Earthen Vessel

Within this earthen vessel are bowers and groves,
     and within it is the Creator:
Within this vessel are the seven oceans
      and the unnumbered stars.
The touchstone and the jewel-appraiser are within;
      and within this vessel the Eternal soundeth,
      and the spring wells up.
Kabîr says:
         "Listen to me, my Friend!
         My beloved Lord is within."

I said to this wanting creature inside me

I said to the wanting-creature inside me:
What is this river you want to cross?
There are no travelers on the river-road, and no road.
Do you see anyone moving about on that bank, or nesting?

There is no river at all, and no boat, and no boatman.
There is no tow rope either, and no one to pull it.
There is no ground, no sky, no time, no bank, no ford!

And there is no body, and no mind!
Do you believe there is some place that will make the
soul less thirsty?
In that great absence you will find nothing.

Be strong then, and enter into your own body;
there you have a solid place for your feet.
Think about it carefully!
Don't go off somewhere else!

Kabir says this: just throw away all thoughts of
imaginary things,
and stand firm in that which you are.




  1. The Clay Jug

    Inside this clay jug there are canyons and pine mountains and the maker of canyouns and pine mointains!
    All seven oceans are inside, and hundreds of millions of stars.
    The acid that tests gold is there, and the one who judges jewels.
    And the music from the strings no one touches, and the source of all water.

    If you want the truth, I will tell you the truth:
    Friend, listen: the God whom I love is inside.

    - Kabir, trans. Robert Bly

    ...same poem, different feeling :)

  2. Having crossed the river

    Having crossed the river,
    where will you go, O friend ?

    There's no road to tread,
    No traveler ahead,
    Neither a beginning, nor an end.

    There's no water, no boat, no boatman, no cord;
    No earth is there, no sky, no time, no bank, no ford.

    You have forgotten the Self within,
    Your search in the void will be in vain;
    In a moment the life will ebb
    And in this body you won't remain.

    Be ever conscious of this, O friend,
    You've to immerse within your Self;
    Kabir says, salvation you won't then need,
    For what you are, you would be indeed.