November 14, 2011

Sonny Sharrock/The Freedom Sounds Featuring Wayne Henderson: Black Woman/People Get Ready

Black Woman
1 Black Woman
2 Peanut
3 Bialero
4 Blind Willie
5 Portrait of Linda in Three Colors, All Black

- Sony Sharrock, guitar; Dave Burrell, piano; Norris Jones, bass; Milford Graves, drums; Linda Sharrock, vocals

People Get Ready
6 Respect
7 People Get Ready
8 Cucamonga
9 Things Go Better
10 Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
11 Brother John Henry
12 Orbital Velocity
13 Cathy the Cooker

- Wayne Henderson, trombone; Al Abreu, saxes; Jimmy Benson, sax and flute; Pancho Bristol, electric bass; Harold Land, Jr., piano; Moises Oblagacion, congas; Ricky Chemelis, timbales; Max Gorduno, bongos; Paul Humphrey, drums.

How or why were those two put together I don't have a clue, I guss the motto was "and now something completly different". Anyway if you are in a mood for reading: Black Woman review or People Get Ready or you can read on both of them. Love the original Sharrock's cover.

One for our friend Miguel's collection of Baïlèros

ears here

P.S: And why is it Bialero instead of Baïlèro, please don't ask me. You can ask me what the pass is and I why I still use it, call it a habit of saying thegoodone.


  1. A revelation, thank you - category-defying stuff. Bits of the Sonny Sharrock remind me instrumentally of the more intense moments of Tim Buckley's Starsailor - Come Here Woman, Down on the Bordeline etc. Other bits like freaked-out Ennio Morricone, somehow, or the psychedelia of United States of America but I think I'll need a few listens to plumb the depths of this one.
    Looks like it's time for a spending spree on more of this!
    The combination with the Wayne Henderson record is bizarre, but there's plenty to enjoy there too - maybe not in the same sitting, though!

  2. KO



    no water to deep... we can always sing :)