November 5, 2011

Black Cumin, Nigella sativa, spice, preservative & medicine

Nigella sativa, Black Cumin (known as kaljeera (Assamese kalzira or kolazira), kalo jira(Bengali: kalojira, black cumin), karum cheerakam (Tamil கருஞ்சீரகம்), kalonji (Hindi/Urduकलौंजीkalaumjī or كلونجى/कलोंजी kalomjī) or mangrail (Hindi मंगरैल mamgarail), ketzakh (Hebrew קצח), chernushka(Russian),çörek otu (Turkish), habbat al-barakah (Arabic حبه البركة ḥabbat al-barakah, seed of blessing), siyah daneh (Persian سیاه‌دانه siyâh dâne), jintan hitam (Indonesian), karim jeerakam in Malayalam, Karto Jeera in (Beary Language). wiki.)

In Western Asia, Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt and along the Eastern Mediterranean region black seed oil has been known for centuries for it's
benefits to health and was a most common spice during the Middle Ages. The steam distilled oil of black cumin seeds is used in case of:
- Constipation, diarrhea and flatulence,
- Weakened liver function,
- Migraines,
- Strengthens the vitality of the organism,
- Anti-fatigue and inflammation,
- Improves digestion and appetite,
- Accelerates sweating and reduces fever,
- Removes parasites (worms) from the body,
- A good antidote for bacterial, fungal and viral diseases
- Bleeding (epistaxis, and hemophilia),
- Carcinogenic disease
- Reduces blood sugar level,
- Accelerates the excretion of urine,
- Stimulates milk production in nursing mothers,
- Regulates growth hormones,
- Good for lowering blood cholesterol,
- Iinflammation of the nasal cavity,
- Dry cough,
- Bronchial asthma and flu
- Allergies
- Neurodermatitis,
- Psoriasis,
- To regulate the immune system,
- To relieve the symptoms of asthma,
- For the alleviation of chemotherapy side effects,
- Digestive problems,
- High blood pressure
- In veterinary medicine.
- Also used as an aphrodisiac

Here you can find some more ways to use it, actually there are a lot of useful pages on how to use this wonderful miracle maker, I can confirm that it works almost instantly in case of diarrhea and works quite well in case of allergies (swollen throat, eczema). I heard that Mohammed said that black cumin cures every disease but death itself, in our times a lot of scientific research was done on black cumin, and some confirmed that many from the list above are rightfully holding their place on it. I am not saying that this or any other herb can totally replace medical treatments, but for sure they have bean used in pharmacy for years, and that is a certain testament to their value, especially for modern skeptics. Most of pharmaceutical medicine create imbalance in our bodies, use of natural substances can bring the balance back, after all, our organisms are used to those for centuries.


  1. Ok Doktor Kokolo!

    rushed to my spice shop and got it...

    they called it Klowunji seeds black and they said it's the same, probably similar... the oil next time...


  2. Didn't use teh seeds jet, but oil is working for me ok, and also some other people that told me about their experiance with it, tell me how it went with the seeds, by the way oil is not really teasty to drink so I expect that seeds are quite strong.
    Dr Kookolo :)

  3. my dear shamans you can always make a tea from the seeds or mix the disgusting tasting oil in your favorite tea with a spoonful of honey and of course you don't have to eat it raw...cheers.

  4. Thank you, my kid takes it with honey, he likes it actually, I personally don't mind the taste...
    and tea is a good idea.
    I enjoy this conversation vrey much, thank you, nice to know what's cooking, any other suggestion on herb or spice, I have some lined up from my corner of the world.

  5. Please once and for all can you help with some confusion - it's been driving me crazy for years - in the area of little black seeds.

    Nigella sativa - Black Cumin - Kalonji - I understand, got it, thank you

    But confusion over Mustard Seeds and Rye/Rai Seeds.

    Some say they are the same, BUT others say they are different.
    I always thought they were different - Rai being smaller than Mustard seeds, but then I may be wrong, hence the question.

    And then there is the Rye/Rai confusion I have - is European Rye, like Rye bread, different from Indian Rai seeds, as used in cooking, especially when tempering spices?

    But then you get a web site like this that states that mustard seeds, rye and rai are the same - huh!!!???

    Please, please help, or else I will need to take Black Cumin for high blood pressure.

  6. I am not an expert but Rai and Rye are two different things, Rai is, I think Black Mustard seed.

  7. Rai are the brown mustard seeds
    Sarson are the black mustard seeds
    and Rye is this wheat

    confusion dispelled
    let's listen to some Rai(Algerian) now

  8. OK here we are/first taste/tomorrow more

  9. A few days late, but thanks for railly helping me to resolve this railly troubling issue for me ;-)

  10. ...and I forgot to say that I use the seeds now on a daily basis and I just love them ( I always did but never knew the name so I could not get them)