November 11, 2011

the king of Raï (and the she-devil of trab)

as promised earlier some Raï, (and  not rai or rye)
from  the king of Rai
and  a k7-around early 80's ? when the young Khaled was better  known as Chab Khaled.
essential Khaled

Mcpe 1060

equally you wouldn't  want to miss this Algerian  lady, another  incarnation of the devil himself
Cheikha Djenia and her amazing trab
(the rural variation of rai played with tambour  and gasba reed flutes)

right there.....
Kayene Rabi

have a nice weekend

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  1. Oh my, missed it somehow, how, why, probably just ot enjoy it even more now! Thank you Nauma and thanks Miguel.