November 16, 2011

Abrasaz - Biraminket

Ravi Srinivasan, tabla, vocals, santoor, electronic percussion;
Mustafa El Dino, saz, darbuka, vocals, bendir;
Akira Ando, double bass, bells;
Paul Schwingenschlögl, trumpet, flugelhorn, piano.

1 Maya wati
2 Samraat
3 Lhasa
4 Dhara hara
5 Pentagram
6 Camels on sun alley
7 Darjeeling light
8 Oiwake
9 Biraminket
10 Two worlds
11 Kalbimiz bir
12 Ez din nebum le
13 Ahur
14 Abraxis No. II

For ears to have fun
you must first say thegoodone
I hope it is not a crime
enjoying my infantile little rhyme

The music of ABRASAZ leads us into another world, a world of fantasy and desire for outer space, a world of harmony and peaceful coexistence of mankind, an imaginary world of the musical globetrotter. The singing reminds us of Turkish uplands, but also of the gigantic mountains of Tibet and Nepal, the tablas of solemn ceremonies in India, the bass of Zen-meditation in Japan. Against this horizon suddenly appears a lonesome trumpet, subtly glides into the musical landscape, starts a musical dialogue with the bass, the tablas, the saz and gradually disappears into higher spheres. Four internationally highly acclaimed musicians, whose geographic and musical differences could not be greater, merge in a brilliant way into an ensemble which is extremely homogeneous just because of the emphasis which is put on these differences. This paradox is possible because the four artists never use their musical mastery for its own sake but for their common interest. Let it be jazz, world music, Indian classical music or contemporary music...ABRASAZ escapes the musical thinking in categories and lives from the incredible creativity of the excellent musicians of this outstanding ensemble. (from their official site)


  1. Thanks v much Kokolo! My ears are tingling with excitement already!

  2. Wow, this is smoking! Thank you for sharing this. I like the Cherry-esque trumpet & the joyous singing. Your blog is nurturing my ears - Salud! -MB