March 27, 2011

Zebda-Essence Ordinaire-Origines Contrôlées

I never had any   problem with rock or pop(ular) music esp the kind of  politically conscious one
and I still enjoy
this good time guerrilla
I guess many of you too
judging from the number of downloads
and   they were not even properly posted!
shhhh  :)..
one,two, many Zebdas to clean the murky pop waters,I miss their clever words ,the sentiments ,the energy..the anti-star attitude ...

"We who live by rock and rai and accordion/On the periphery of commercial hits" is a line from Zebda's hometown portrait Toulouse and that's a pretty accurate capsule description of where the French band fronted by three second-generation North African immigrants fits among the Euro-mix crew......
Zebda (زبدة, transliterated Zibdah), the Arabic word for butter (beurre in French), is a play on the word beur, a French slang word referring to French citizens of Arab origin,several of the group's members are of North African and other immigrant descent.
As Zebda was originally formed for a community organization and many of the members met through social initiatives and activism, the band remained highly political throughout its existence; Bruce Crumley of the Culture Kiosque has called the group "politically engaged and culturally committed" and "politically progressive.
"Much of the group's music and lyrics have centered around issues of political and social justice among the immigrant community and inhabitants of the banlieues.
Difference, discrimination, and exclusion are themes that feature heavily in J'y suis, j'y reste 
The themes of Zebda's music were known for dealing in issues of racism and intolerance....

tomber la chemise

 Essence Ordinaire

"The album can easily be found in Chinese underground record markets,
 and it is apparently one of the best known French rap albums in mainland China."

from wiki

Zebda/Audience  in interaction !

plus *

the return  -in 07-of the distinguished members of Zebda,,Tacticollectif and les Motivés
 from Toulouse,brothers Anfas- Mouss and Hakim with a  musical project under the name Origines Contrôlées,
of historic proportions as they exhumed  songs from the last 40 years,
composed by Algerian artists exiled in France,to create
a tribute to the music of the immigrants from Algeria  during the "thirty glorious years".
from the early 40s up to the late 80s,when a  generation of artists with very different styles sang
the departure and the absence, the exile, but also the political struggle or the loneliness of the immigrants .
A variety of pure and hard edged  poetry, dance rhythms or romantic melodies, from singers-songwriters  like
 Mohamed Slimane ,Nourredine Meziane,
Dahmane El Harrachi, Cheikh
Bouyazgaren, Cheikh El Hasnaoui Azem,Mazouni,el Sheikh Hasnain,or the late Lounes Matoub
where inspiration has taken many forms,
as all these songs have marked
the lives of the millions of Algerians who arrived on the soil of France shortly after the war.
Childhood memories,the almost forgotten 45's from the portable pick-ups or the juke boxes of the cafes ,
a tribute to a wonderful heritage and the transmission of the values
of universal citizenship,courage and freedom,
and to the generations beyond the sea, with all the talent and the generosity of Origines Contrôlées

Chansons de l'immigration Algérienne

رايح فرحان, مولي ماشي ندمان
قلع الكشطة رماها ولبس بيري
تعلم الدخان و زاد هم الكيسان
كان عربي حر بالصحيح جزائري

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  1. No proble with "pop" music for me eather, as long it has spirit :)