March 19, 2011

Lida Goulesco, Guyla Kokas & His Ensemble - Chants Folkloriques Tziganes

Lida Goulesco was born in Petrograd in 1917. At the time, her father, the famous tzigane violin player, John Goulesco, had been in the Tsar's service for fifteen years. At the outbreak of the revolution, the Goulesco family went into exile, staying briefly in Constantinople and finally settling in Paris as had a large number of immigrants before them.
There, the father began to perform, as Jean Goulesco, in restaurants and cabarets that were proliferating at the time, and where the likes of Valia Dimitrievitch and Volodia Poliakoff could be heard. This was the setting in which Lida Goulesco grew up — an atmosphere which, together with the musical talent prevailing in her family, led her effort lessly into singing and dancing in early childhood. She was seventeen when the owner of one of the most elegant Parisian cabarets became subjugated by the expressive power of her voice. Her first public appearances were crowned with success and Lida Goulesco quickly became famous beyond the frontiers of France, winning enthusiastic acclaim in New York, London and Rome, among other musical centers.
Today, while retaining Paris as her home base, Lida Goulesco travels throughout the world, popularizing her tzigane songs — songs which she sings with such passion and deep involvement that no one can listen and remain indifferent. from linear notes

1 Gari Gari (Brule, Brule d'Amour, Tzigane)
2 Droujba (L'Amitie)
3 Matouchka (Je M'Ennuie, Maman)
4 V'Osseniy Dienn (Un Jour D'Automne)
5 Tscto Za Khorr (Quel Coeur Chantait Chez "Yar")
6 Rasstavaiass (En Me Quittant, Elle Disait)
7 Makhorka (Tabac)
8 Khodou Parakhoudou
9 Svietit Miessiatz (Au Clair de Lune)
10 Moskovskija Okna (Les Fenetres de Moscou)
+ 2 bonus untitled bonus tracks


Tap your heels three times, thegoodone will pass you all the way to Russe Tzigane Cabaret


  1. no,no I won't remain indifferent
    I'm gonna tap my heels (how many times did you say?)----three times
    et voila je suis prêt pour un voyage en tziganie
    March 19, 2011 6:13 PM

  2. Fantastic music! Very good of you to post these gems. I have cotton soles so nobody minds my tapping even in the middle of the night...

  3. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!