February 5, 2011


What can a French modern jazz composer, contemporary didgeridoo player, and a percussionist, all multi-instrumentalist of course, do when put together, a lot of good if you ask me. Soprano sax and bass clarinet (Michel Portal), didgeridoo, cello (Steven Kent), percussion, vocal Mino Cinelu, create an exotic combination of rhythms and hums worth listening.
There is no relevant review anywhere so you will have to take my word for it.

1. Burundi
2. Impro
3. Solitudes
4. Pigmee
5. Djembe 1
6. Calimba
7. Didg 3
8. Mino 2
9. Canon
10. Milesruns
11. Djembe 2
12. No Parking
13. Didg 2


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