January 11, 2011

Le Meilleure Partie Du Monde

Elvis Stanić Group
Bolja strana svijeta / Le Meilleure Partie Du Monde

01. Sarabande
02. La passion c'est trop court terme (feat. Josipa Lisac)
03. Earthborn (feat. Valerija Nikolovska)
04. Domus De Janas (feat. Tamara Obrovac)
05. Kisha
06. Com' un Fier a bosc' (feat. Meri Trošelj)
07. Kiamet
08. Peter Pan Pickin' Strawberries
09. Le fardeau du temps
10. Hedwiga
11. Posve slobodna ( La passion c'est trop court terme)(feat. Josipa Lisac)

“The Better Side Of The World” is my comeback to musical roots, the music I grew up on, and wich I have almost forgotten in the years of coming of age. It's also my comeback to the accordion, the instrument i entered world of music with and due to wich I still hear and play music as an accordionist, although I've become well acquainted with a number of varied instruments.

This is not a jazz CD, at least not to such the extent as the previous one, although much is expressed in the language of jazz. I have tried to abandon myself to my Mediterranean roots and all the music from the other side of the sea that managed to touch my heart, to fado, tango, flamenco, Maori and African music, Sardinian and French sounds. I hope I have managed to carry over at least a small part of that endless warmth, beauty and good energy that overwhelmed me when dreaming and creating this music. (Elvis Stanic)
Newer liked winter or snow (first real one i saw when I was eighteen), now living in this mountains i really miss our Mediterranean sunshine. This is an album from an ususally jazz fusion guitarist that integrated some of Mediterranean warmness and easiness into his sound. Blend of Croatian traditional music, Latin rhythms makes this sound as a world music project, my nostalgia is maybe making me loosing my objectiveness, but I think he managed to avoid sterility that world music sound can sometimes carry. Elvis Stanić, multi-instrumentalist, (guitar, accordion, mandolin, tarabuke, keyboards, maybe more) earned my respect as a musician, by playing and living of jazz in Croatia, a mission impossible concerning how small market it is. Hope you will like it and that it will pass as thegoodone.

Le Meilleure

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