July 8, 2010

Takoutsia with Filippos Rountas - 1961-1975-Zagori-Epirus-Simon Karas archive

I got this ,along with many other interesting musics from Epirus ,very recently from a friend himself from Zagori the cultural heart of the area, who is  into releasing  old material from family recordings (as he explained to me, the family that  was inviting and paying the musicians for the celebrations , in many cases  was also recording during them and kept the tapes) through his newborn  homemade label.
Details in the future.
(and of course he was showered with wishes and African goodies)
Sooo Takoutsia with Filippos Rountas  from Simon Karas archive is accompanied with the best of recommendations.
If you are familiar with Takousia from the good  Inedit recording  you will easily understand that this is the real thing.
here is a nice place to share it.


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  1. a very easy to make and very tasty
    leek pie from Pogoni -Epirus


    1 kilo of tender leeks
    ½ kilo Cornmeal flour
    2 fresh onions
    150 gr of gammon or bacon
    ½ bunch of dill
    ½ bunch of parsley
    ½ cup olive oil
    150 gr of feta cheese
    4 eggs
    500 ml custard
    salt & pepper

    step 1
    wash and cut in slices the leeks and the onions
    mince the gammon, the dill and the parsley.
    heat in olive oil the gammon,the leeks and the onions - don't let them fry.
    add the dill, the parsley the custard
    the feta cheese,the eggs salt & pepper at will.
    Mix well and add the 4/5 of the cornmeal,let it on for a minute and don't boil further.

    step 2

    Sprinkle with olive oil a baking pan and add
    half of the remaining flour and 2-3 tablespoons of water .
    Lay the filling in the pan and add the rest of the flour evenly above it .
    sprinkle with some water and olive oil.
    cook the pie in medium heat oven(preheated 5') for 45'.

  2. epirus is my heart. this is amazingly wonderful news