July 21, 2010

Spirits of Korea

 Ssitgim-gut performed by Park Byeong-cheon 
Spiritual Chanting and Prayer for Abundance
  1. Binari 08:34
Soul Chanting for Pacification of the Deceased
  2. Namdosamhyeon 01:29
  3. Yeongdotmari 03:21
  4. Gopuri 08:17
  5. Gilddakgeum 19:47
*Ssitgim performed by Park Byeong-cheon*

Park Byeong-cheon has been performing for someone for praying throughout his life. Such talent was inherited by his family and passed down through generations. His practices are engaged in equally not only for the living but also for the deceased. The sound that he unravels makes the living to be blessed, and it is the sound itself for spirits to find out the way of entering the other world for the deceased. His own sound thus is the embodiment of heaven, earth and human being.
He is a man of knowledge and understanding. This ability indeed leads him to solve all the concerns with ease, and this is achieved by his performances that are transformed into meaningful sounds. "My performing activities that I dance and sing should be regarded as life itself, not as artistic form", according to him, and this remark clearly delivers significant messages of what he performs. The jangdan (rhythmic cycle) our of dancing and songs that he unravels with his body may be an essential model that can be applied to the principle of Korean philosophy. The sound that he, in his 70s, releases certainly touches
our heart.
Praying & Well Wishing Remarks for the Living
Good health, longevity, wealth and prosperity are desired by all of us.
The shaman performs praying and well wishing remarks for the living.
Exorcising for the Deceased
Spirit of the dead becomes a soul, and it tends to continue to remain behind the living in order to enter the other world. Before getting into the better world, the spirit is cleaned by scented water and then it becomes a clean soul, when it is purified by mugwort, a fish and scorched smell are eliminated in it; when being purified by clean water, it becomes a clear soul. Then it is able to enter the other world when being exorcised the resentful spirit of the deceased. This is done by pallbearers' dirge who lead the purified spirit to the dead.

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