May 4, 2011

Demko Kurtov's Zurna Group~zurna

 Zurna has this beautiful,round ,piercing but refreshing sound,the closest image i can think of, is that of transparent sea urchins materializing and exploding in the air-the trumpets of Jericho  must have sounded similarly,a powerful   and demanding instrument  to tumble down the walls of modern babylon  ,so inspired by kokolo's previous post,let's  roll on.
a glorious net find ,that goes for you Miguel that you love the zurna sound so well :)and for all  of you of course....

The zurna, a wooden whistle with cane reed and oboe-like sound, is among the most colourful wind instruments in traditional Bulgarian music. In the past, the zurna instrument was used throughout Bulgaria, but today this tradition has been preserved in Southwest Bulgaria only. Some performers, descendants of folk musicians, still sustain the zurna tradition in these regions. One of the most outstanding representatives is the Kurtov family from the village of Kavrakirovo, Petrich municipality. Just as the founder of the Kurtov musical family, Kurta Demo Limanov, his followers Ismail, Shein, Demko, Selim, Asen and others, carry the tradition of the family and preserve the characteristic Petrich style of performance. Demko Kurtov's Zurna Group is the most active of them. Besides him, it includes his son Samir (Krassimir), his brother-in-law Lyuben Fetov, and his nephew Ognyan Fetov. Incredible virtuoso players, they demonstrate in a convincing way the possibilities of the zurna instrument.