November 6, 2012

Pibo Marquez & Descarga Criolla 2 -Te Pones a Bailar

first big apologies from all the present team 
that's me and kokolo-and I know that Miguel is always with us,even seemingly absent-
for not updating this nice little spot more often as we certainly should 
it is life's different courses and needs that sometimes oblige us to withdraw from some activities  
and toil in others,as for me after completing a first  circle in my new blog 
I can promise you a  little winter/summer -sensual and spicy party from this spot 
hot and at least more frequent than in the previous months 
let's make a new start

Percussionist, composer, arranger, and band leader Joel “Pibo” Marquez
was born in Caracas June 22, 1966. 
At an early age, he began exploring music with the support of his family.
He began his musical studies of the cuatro, and other string instruments in Venezuelan roots music,
and began participating in different folklore groups at just 8 years of age. 
He continued his formation at the popular school Cristo Rey, in the district 23 de Enero, 
at Caracas where he refined his skill and education of Latin American percussion and its origins.
 His studies soon extended to other countries in Latin America,

 Cuba, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Surinam,
 having the support of an important cultural organization in Venezuela.
 In 1980, he had the opportunity to put into practice what he learned from these experiences,
 linking them with different groups of Venezuelan folklore through 1984,
when Grupo Madera summoned him.
 This group of international recognition helped him to show his excellent musical capacity 
and his extensive knowledge of the percussion.

After separating from this group, Marquez began to explore other musical styles like salsa,
 Latin jazz as well as contemporary music for ballet and theater.
 He then moved to Colombia, where he resided for six years.
 There, in 1998, he was hired as a sideman for Alfredo de la Fe's orchestra.
 Soon afterwards, famous guitarist Carlos Santana commissioned him
 to write some songs to tour with him-a great honor for Marquez, 
who considers Santana to be one of his personal heroes. 
In the beginning of 1998, Pibo Marquez was offered the chance to produce the first recording under his name. The album bears the name Joel Pibo Marquez, Con Las Manos Calientes.....


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