August 8, 2012

warning ! fake freedomblues !

fake freedomblues (and blackstarliners and 0earth) activated.

mY blogs were removed last January along with hundreds of others as  casualties of the megaupload hunt I  presume.I had "almost" forgot about it....
the standard google/blogger policy in such cases till now was that the blog name and it's  url was not available for new blogs anymore.
to my  ultimate surprise I found out lately that all their names were given away and reactivated  by someone who is probably intending to sell blog names!
a very original  and enterprising idea that  oblidges  me to laugh sarcastically with these new age practices..Happy blog sellings then!
Anyway I had to come back to warn my fellow bloggers and friends(starting with this blog)
that still remember my old blogs to remove them permanently from their  lists and preferences.those fake blogs have nothing to do with me now or in the future.
the only freedomblues that is alive is in my heart and can't be deleted from there.


and to remember freedomblues I'm giving you the two compilations of Tanzanian musiki wa dansi bands
the older first part posted on fdb and the second  for this blog.

the more I listen (again) to these bands the more I love (again) and more deeply,this time-this music.The Tanzanian people must be very proud of it..Dance and entertainment of the highest caliber by these,in most cases "state sponsored" bands.Hope you enjoy it along.As you can imagine,I'm in the middle of a "dansi hurricane" during the last days and this resulted the coming compilation.I have included in the file four pdf's for a more compete understanding  of the era that produced this tre-tre beautiful music.there is enough material for a second round when we visit again Tanzania.NUTA Jazz and Dar es Salaam bands are not represented,since they had their portraits already,but my favorite,taarab spiced, Kiko Kids Jazz are here in full force with 5 tracks:Tanganyika na Uhuru! Kids Jazz!


01-National Jazz Band-Sisi Vijana Wema
02Atomic Jazz Band-Dunia Ina Mambo
03-Kiko Kids Jazz-Sili Sishbi
04-Jamhuri Jazz Band-Shangazi Naomba Taiti
05Atomic Jazz Band-Salamu Zako Nimezipata
06-Morogoro Jazz Band-Likemba Ya Moro
07-Kiko Kids Jazz-Kiko MWanisakama
08-Kilwa Jazz Band-Vilonitendea
09-National Jazz Band-Nora
10-Kiko Kids Jazz-Kenekubalile
11-Nicky, Athmani & Hodi Boys Band - Mapenzi Tu
12-Afro 70 Band-Week End
13-Kiko Kids Jazz-Tunda Bichi
14-Atomic Jazz Band-Njoo Mpenzi Njoo
15-Mbaraka Mwishehe & Moro Jazz Band-Miziki Ya Mji Wa Morogoro
16-Afro 70 Band-Nambie Kweli
17-Western Jazz Band-Nitafurahi Ukitumwa Tena
18-Kiko Kids Jazz-Tanganyika na Uhuru Kids Jazz

Musiki wa dansi 1

unakaribishwa!  finally here comes the second,  long  announced , volume of Musiki wa dansi,the   legacy of popular dance music from the divine, I know that I'm  exaggerating a bit using this word but that's very close to (the always personal) truth (= heart)  of mostly state financed  Jazz bands of Tanzania  from the early 60's till the late 70's and by jazz  we surely mean the  local East African brass and percussion rumba variations. 
(add to them some of the sweetest guitars that ever came out of  the Tanzanian tubes)
I must say  that I'm  particularly  happy to dive again in such an effort and  compile a new mix  as  I have many years of  affection for this material. How they sound today apart from the inevitable and  certain nostalgia  that  stimulates  memories?a whole era is unfolding through these  slow burning swahili rumbas that  are still  vintage and unsurpassed to these  ears.
all real music for all real people.I'm sure you get my point be continued....

01-Mbaraka Mwinshehe & The Morogoro Jazz BandSululu ya moro
02-Vijana Jazz Band-Ujirani mwema
03-Dar es Salaam Jazz BandTabu nyingi nilizonazo
04-Vijana Jazz Band-Heka-heka
05-Morogoro Jazz-Urafiki Mwisho wa mwezi
06-Nuta Jazz-Selemani
07-Atomic Jazz Band-Usijipendekeze
08-Jamhuri Jazz Band - Shingo ya upanga
09-Njohole Jazz Band - Naona Ajabu
10-Western Jazz Band - Lipa kodi ya nyumba
11-Kilwa Jazz Band - Muungano Tanzania
12-Tabora Jazz - Alhamdulillah
13-Orchestre Maquis Original - Karubandika
14-DDC Mlimani Park Orchestra-Matatizo ya uke wenza
15-Kiko Kids Jazz - Nimeona Uwa
16-Chipukizi Rumba Band - Dada mwajuma

Musiki wa dansi 2



  1. i saw the fake freedomblues pop up in my rss reader and i was like, "huh?". a zombie infestation.

  2. Da Da Di Waa...

    Si! Si!

    Let's dance the freedom blues a way

    : ) : ) : )

  3. Who takes his time to do this, don't bother to answer I am not really interested. Sell blog names, very creative :)))
    Thanks for the music Nauma.

  4. nauma - you should delete the url to the old fdb-adress on this blog here, too - it's still in the sidebar!! ;)


  5. sorry - don't bother to issue my comment before this, my mistake: i saw the fdb-adress in the sidebar of "anthems for the nation of luobaniya", not on "spirits & spices".

    lucky :)

  6. Nice you care Lucky, and nice to see you here.

  7. it seems that old blogger names and URLs become available after a certain amount of time has elapsed... I have seen that a lot in the past 6 years as far a weird spam blogs popping up in my feed reader in the place of older blogs that were either deleted or closed by the bloggers themselves.

  8. Very keen to check out this Tanzanian Musiki wa Dansi stuff, but I can't get the download to work. The download page returns the following message:
    The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.
    I tried yesterday as well - some problem? With my thanks mamboPete

  9. Loving the Musiki wa Dansi compilations. Downloaded no problem this time. Thanks and praise for wonderful music!! mamboPete