August 18, 2012

Free flute

Dieter Bihlmaier Selection - The SWF-Session
Bass – Jan Jankeje 
Drums – Gerhart Ziegler 
Flute – Dieter Bihlmaier

 01. Ovation (Ziegler) 05:47
02. Roulette (Bihlmaier) 06:19
03. Echoes (Jankeje) 08:35
04. Maskerade (Bihlmaier) 04:42
05. Gertuschka (Jankeje) 05:13
06. Free and Romantic (Bihlmaier) 07:48
07. Arco Oriental (Bihlmaier) 05:03

bye bye
says this ass
my work is done
it is up to you
to pass on thegoodone

From the vaults of radio station SWF (today SWR) and previously unreleased, this fantastic group with a rather unusual instrumentation (flutes, bass, drums) blow your ears away. They played music you probably haven't heard before. Call it Free rock, living new jazz or just extremely good music, this trio is far out of any limitations. The music of the Dieter Bihlmaier Selection possesses genuine power, where explosive eruptions alternate with lyric moments. On repeated listening the music develops an irresistible pull that we wish to share with all lovers of "good music". These recordings are without any doubt not only of high musical value, they are also an absolute rarity, since unlike the two albums of the Dieter Bihlmaier Selection, they were recorded just in the trio formation flute, bass and drums and without the participation of the vibraphone player. The SWF-Recordings 1973 of Dieter Bihlmaier Selection are an outstanding musical achievement. CD comes with full coloured 12 pages booklet including band history and a lot of photos. Digitally remastered from the original master tape. If you want to listen to more...... listen to Dieter Bihlmaier Selection The SWF-Recordings 1973. 

for more info you got to grow some LONG HAIR.


  1. Yes!

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  2. Sounds terrific!