January 22, 2012

A minute of silence

mu is dead
and so are my links
years of love
were fed to the pigs
want mourn for long
in spite towards the pests
reups will follow
at your requests
cose the only here crime
is my writing
grammatically incorrect
childish little rhyme


  1. :)
    please take it slow kokolo
    there is always a life out of this rat net

  2. Don't worry my friend, I know.
    It is just nice to know some people, although you have never met
    being a cuckoo, canary or a rat

  3. Wasn't there some arrangement between EFF (eff.org) and M.U so that users could save their data one last time...? I came across some rare music and dead links pointing to M.U... Still hopeful that something could be saved. Or you should appeal to UNESCO, I seriously think some cultural heritage is being wiped out !

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your somment and a lead to a great helpful site like eff.org, Concerning our situation with vinculum mortuus be free to ask for a constituo recens, As for cultural heritage they have just began to delete it, I understand the possible damage free exchange of music and etc. has done to the industry or lables but concerning the money I spent on music, ad so supporting them, they can build me and some of my friends a monument and praise us each day. Sorry for the late response if there is anything I can do please ask.