January 28, 2012


It is not about the links, or love for music, or getting something for free, or whathever reason sick minds have, it is about diversity of cultural heritage of mankind, learning, expanding, it is a vision of a future, unselfish one, shared by many fools on the hills, court jesters, lovers, poets, maybe they are all running ahead of their time. The only good that came out of the computer is being able to take a peek somewhere your wallet can not take you. How much I have learned in past years from my friends, on spirituality, relations, human beings, form every corner of the earth. Well education is not really in interest of the masters, let me tanslate a saying we have the more witless the peasant is, bigger the potatos get. So go on with the culturocide, i'll write a letter to my friend saying I love him and thank him for his love and taking the time to write us something out fom his selfless hart.


  1. There are some big potatoes out there at the moment. Totally agree, Kokolo.

  2. Absolutely right Kokolo...

    I might have mashed potatoes tomorrow...

    We'll go on...



  3. Right on soul shifter.....freedom is not free but on the other side of the next moment, Om Shati all.