December 25, 2011

Group Doueh-beatte harab

Group Doueh is part of a family entertainment business run by Salmou Baamar (aka Doueh), a native of Dakhla, Western Sahara. The rest of the group includes vocalists Halima Jakani (Baamar's wife) and Bashiri Touballi and keyboardist Jamaal Baamar (his son). Rhythm duties are shared between collective hand claps, Halima’s tbal (a hand drum), and the keyboard’s drum programs.

As a youth, Baamar listened to cassettes of James Brown and Jimi Hendrix imported from Spain. His first experiences as a professional musician were playing at local parties coincided with Mauritania’s occupation of Dakhla. You can hear both Western rock influence and Mauritanian rhythms in his music, which he’s been performing and marketing on cassette for over a quarter century throughout the Western Sahara region. Doueh plays electric guitar and  the tinidit (or tidinit),the Moorish four-stringed lute.

I liked beatte harab from the beginning
even more  than their 2 first records as this is a more straight forward traditional recording .
today  I checked my files and found an impressive number of  dls
without posting it anywhere..
just happy that people began appreciating  them  for their  music 
at last and not for any (stupid) hype---so here it is in the light of day.


  1. Is it posible to thank you or write something originall again and again, maybe, I am lost in these sounds and will stay lost in there for some time, thanks dear friend.

  2. wishing you the best of times kokolo
    may these sounds lead you (and all our listeners ) far...

  3. thank you for your site. any chance of a re up on this one. i am finding so many treasures here. thank you for your joy work and great taste.