December 27, 2011

Balžalorsky Drašler 3o - Wu-wei

Vitja Balžalorsky - guitar, electronics
Jošt Drašler - bass
Vid Drašler - drums and other sounds

Young, Slovenian jazz trio with mature sound, left me surprised, even more when I noticed their age. I put the Cd in the stereo and some warm, pleasant tones filled the room, even my three and a half year old gave me an approving look nodding his head and lifting his eyebrows. There is an review on, please use translator,my English is too bad to translate it myself  and I am also a lazy ass. Some comparison has been made with the ECM material,  the peacefulness of John Abercrombie's jazz  also has been mentioned, and some praises of Jošt Drašler's firm base, I agree with all of those claims, all is in favour of those three great musicians, that I hope that they look at a wonderful future.

Wu-wei by Balzalorsky/Drasler 3o

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