June 28, 2011

Genghis Blues

More than just a record, this is also the story of the journey of Paul Pena, a fine blind American bluesman who learned Tuvan throat singing well enough to win a contest in Tuva. His solo tracks, especially his take on Robert Johnson's "Terraplane Blues," are the real blues deal, but this record truly takes off when Pena and Kongar-ol Ondar duet. The blues and the eerie, often-guttural sounds of throat singing make a natural match, one that simply bewitches with the clear overtones and melodies, while the guitar and Tuvan banjo offer simple, but very plaintive, accompaniment. About the only misstep is the inclusion of the Cape Verdean "Tras d'Orizao," which sticks out like a sore thumb from everything else. Get that out of your system, and the rest is pure magic.

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01 What You Talkin' About
02 Alash Hem (The Alash River)
03 Gonna Move
04 Kaldak Hamar (The Other Side of the Mountain)
05 Tras d'Orizão (Beyond the Horizon)
06 Ondarnyng Ayany (Ondar's Medley)
07 Kargyraa Moan
08 It's Hard to Lose a Friend
09 Kongurey (Where Has My Country Gone-)
10 Dürgen Chugaa (Fast Talk)
11 Sünezin Yry (Soul's Song)
12 Center of Asia

Note: bluesmen-worldmusic has some other edition with some more tracks.

My Amigo Miguel is right when he says
music is love so music is free,
but people of industry
do not speak so poetically.
Ask my friend who got 500 € bill
for spreading his love on his own free will.
Laws are different from state to state
and mine is not in favour of higher bitrate,
so please forgive me for covering my ass
hiding ip, encrypting files or using a pass
just paranoia I guess
god bless

one litle word,
I hope, won't
spoil your fun


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