June 10, 2011

Can spices sing?

Well I don't think so... But if you ask Fred Frith he will sprincle them over his guitar... Can you eat that guitar... Well I don't think so... Some Germans can hear the grass as it is growing... Well not really... Others make music just thinking of ginger, garlic, cumin... You don't think so? Well listen...

Mulo Francel & Evelyn Huber
Songs of Spices


1 Kakao  5:21
2 Koriander  3:30
3 Paprika  4:18
4 Cumin & kümmel  3:18
5 Nelke  1:24
6 Sternanis  4:19
7 Safrano  6:39
8 Menta  1:51
9 Romarino  2:14
10 Garlic Dances International  8:18
11 Silphion  5:32
12 Zimt  4:12
13 Paradieskörner  3:47
14 Lavendel  3:33
15 Liebstöckel  3:03
16 Mohn  4:34
17 Ingwer  3:20
18 Salz 1:52


Mulo Francel (Saxofón, Clarinete)
Evelyn Huber (Arpa)

Quadro Nuevo with :
D.D. Lowka (Bajo, Percusión, Xilófono)
Andreas Hinterseher (Acordeón)


Vasilef Zourdanis (Lira)
Martina Eisenreich (Viola)
Uta Hielscher (Piano)
Prabir Mitra (Tabla)
Wolfgang Lohmeier (Percusión)


You don't have to ask the ass to get a pass...
music does not know any borders
nor does it obey your orders
it's free
like the honey bee


  1. with all respect Mi,I seriously believe that every living creature on this planet -trees,animals(and humans),flowers,fruits and of course spices as the fruits of shrubs and trees and on ,not to mention the natural elements:the wind ,the water ,the fire -has a song(or better a repertoire of songs) to sing-till eternity,its us that we don't listen more carefully....
    so the question is not if they can sing ,but what do spices sing?:)
    thank you for the nice music,as always.

  2. yes of course... but can we hear it is another question... we can see the symphony every day when we go out in nature... and when it comes to spices we can taste them... but what is the sound of powder...


  3. a zen koan to meditate on....

  4. Thanks for the sounds of spices Miguel.
    Music free?, that would be a nice idea, read this use google translate: http://www.vecernji.hr/vijesti/policijske-bube-pocetka-rujna-legalno-ulaze-stanove-clanak-287891
    after reading i'll ask you is that freedom?