April 4, 2011

Peter Broggs - Progressive Youth

1 Never Forget Jah
2 Don't Get Weary Rasta
3 Jah Jah Help Us Progressive
4 I Don't Know See All 2
5 Cool Down See All 2
6 Forward Natty
7 Having a Party
8 Live Up
9 River Jordan
10 Give Thanks

When I first met Peter Broggs that fateful day on Chancery Lane in downtown Kingston in 1979, he could not believe that anyone from outside Jamaica actually knew of his music. I had bought his first album, "Progressive Youth", at a record store in California and had been playing it regularly on my Sunday night reggae show in Washington DC. He still did not believe me so I had to sing him some songs from the album. At last he now knew I was telling the truth and we talked about him recording an album for RAS. This became "Rastafari Liveth" and was the first album ever released by the RAS label. Over the years this album has continued to sell and now RAS is proud to release for the first time on CD a rare and virtually unknown album from Peter Broggs which was recorded before his career with RAS. 4 Peter often refers to this as his "opportunity album" since it led to many opportunities with the RAS label and his passport out of Jamaica into the rest of the world.
It's a rare glimpse into the beginning of an artist's career. We hope you enjoy it.
— Doctor Dread (linear notes)

Pass the word

I've always liked to put across positive messages, those that evoke God, those that show to people the existence of a beautiful and living God. The words that come out when I sing, Jah puts there for me. I am only a servant, and I try, thanks to Him, to guide His children down the right path. My whole career has been in the name of Jah Rastafari. I am a messenger of Jah. All I can do is use the gifts he gave me.

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