April 7, 2011

Ibrahim Keivo-Songs of Jezireh

In Arabic, Jezireh means “island”. This region of northeastern Syria takes its name from the
fact that it is located between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers. This ancient fertile triangle,
bordered to the north by Turkey and to the east by Iraq, crossed by the Habour, Balih and Djaghyagh Rivers, was one of the great cradles of civilization.
Ibrahim Keivo's music is full of the strength of the soul of the entire region, which his multiple origins
and virtuosity allow him to present with great enthusiasm. His exalted singing brings forth
all of the nostalgia of the passing of time. He is the voice of the various populations of this
region that gave birth to civilization, to writing,the target of many armies and invaders,
but which, despite the torments of History,still vibrates with a note of joy and love,
where the peoples live side by side in respect of each other's differences.

 better watch this video instead,till the end...

From his early childhood, Ibrahim Keivo was thus surrounded by the peoples of multi-ethnic
Jezireh where Arabs, Assyrians, Chaldeans,Kurds, Syriacs and Armenians live side by
side and share their songs and music. From a very early age he learned to play the lute
buzuq, as well as the saz and the baghlama. Hethen learned the ‘ûd and the jumbush. He had
his higher education in Hassakeh, one of the two large cities of the region along with
Qamishliye, and then continued his musical training in Aleppo, particularly with the
composer Nouri Iskandar. Today, Ibrahim Keivo teaches music at the Hassakeh teachers’
college, dividing his free time between composing songs, some of which have been
very successful in Syria, and collecting folk songs.

1. Lauk – kurde botani / botani kurdish
2. Ashkalafem – kurde botani / botani kurdish
3. Rawi – assyrien/assyrian
4. Goudi – assyrien/assyrian
5. Tartiyawni – assyrien/assyrian
6. Yar dli – arabe de Mardin / Mardin arabic
7. Sabiha – arabe de Mardin / Mardin arabic 

8. Semsam – arabe de Mardin / Mardin arabic
9. Ayes Kechir – arménien/armenian
10. Teelo Jaan – arménien/armenian
11. Misho Akhchik – arménien/armenian
12. Sharfadina – yezidi
13. Edule & Derweshe Evdi – yezidi
14. Dehzarta Tauseda – yezidi
15. Siamand – kurde kurmandji / kurmandji kurdish
16. Mawwal, Kul al hala – arabe bédouin / bedouin arabic

a wonderful artist and an  amazing voice, if you ask my opinion....




  1. "if you ask my opinion...."

    yes I do :)

    thank U!

  2. Bloody fantastic! Thank you so much. It is my dream to go to Syria one dya.

  3. Really, really amazing. It's rare to come across someone I've never encountered before who knocks me out quite like that video. And of course I understand not a single word, but no matter.
    Thank you for posting, and of course for reminding us that countries are about people, passion and culture, not about politics!

  4. Yes, he has a great voice and he does have an amazing playing talent on these string instruments, BUT he really mixes a lot of folksongs together in a way that is just so insulting to our folklore. I am talking about track number one (lauk). I can swear that Keivo does not know what the song is about in its entirety. WHy? because he mixes a number of songs! In fact, he swallows a number of words in that track.

  5. last anonymous
    its good to know this point
    thank you.