November 24, 2010

Summertime (slight reprise)

Summertime, and the living was easy, does anyone remember, now that it is getting cold here... Well Boško does... and Kokolo too...  Yes we got to meet in Croatia one day :) ... why don't you all come along ?

music: Boško Petrović Trio - Summertime

Boško Petrović: Croatian jazz musician (vibraphone player), composer, arranger and producer, leader of several jazz bands including 'Zagrebački Jazz Kvartet', 'Zagrebački Jazz Kvintet', 'B.P. Convention', 'B.P. Convention Big Band', 'B.P. Club All Stars' and still active 'Boško Petrović Trio'. Boško is one of the most important jazz composers in Croatia.

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  1. Man I am touched, thank you!
    Whole cd, anyone, if you feel easy mood coming around,
    : and
    thegoodone is
    the boring pass
    used by this ass