November 17, 2010

The Mirror of the Sky

Lalan, ca. 1775-1891

Who is it that talks to me but does not let me see him?
He moves close to my hands but away from my reach in spite of my lifetime's search.
I explore the sky and the earth searching for him,
circling round my error of not knowing myself.
Who am I and who is he?

He is both, Rama and Rahim,
he is earth, water, air and fire.
Fools cannot lead you to Him in your search for Him.
If you are unable to reach what is close to your hands, what can you find in Delhi and Lahore?
Siraj Shah says, O Lalan,
the more I see the more I am confused.
Song and instrumental accompaniment on the swaraj (also a lute, like the dotara, but with five sympathic strings), by Torap Ali Shah, a Sufi Baul from Jessore, East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, and with ghunghur and kathkartal (wooden clappers). It was recorded in 1971 in Calcutta when Torap Ali Shah came to India as a refugee during the Bangladesh war with Pakistan.
recorded, translated and written down by Deben Bhattacharya


  1. Thank you Miguel!
    The one we talk to but don't see.

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  3. Etymology

    C 1600 from Late Latin anonymus, from Ancient Greek ἀνώνυμος (anōnumos, “without name”), from ἀν- (an, “without”) + ὄνυμα (onuma), Aeolic dialectal form of ὄνομα (onoma, “name”).

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