March 27, 2012


music has always been free,like the birds,the water we drink, the sun
and in reality there is no way to cage  music if you don't want to  kill it.
have you heard of anyone able to  imprison love,passion,despair or joy ?
very few seem to remember or even understand this simple truth but more are starting to realize it
and mostly the artists as  they become  aware  that in   liberating  their art  they liberate their own potentials.
Saxophonist Thiago França comes after   Metá-Metá , with  a constellation of  musicians like  Kiko Dinucci, Marcelo Cabral,  Samba Ossalê  and Wellington "Pimpa" Moreira under the collective name of  Sambanzo ( Samba & the Yoruba Banzo which has a meaning similar to the blues or the longing for the Motherland that the slaves felt) that  lovingly prepared a powerful afrobeat ,samba and  jazz conversation with  the Afro-Brazilian roots and they are offering  it to anyone wishing to dig into this new global African sound that is unfolding  as a celebration  from  São Paulo  to  Addis Ababa and to all corners .
thank you  Thiago França  and Sambanzo.  Música livre, sempre! 


  1. So nice to see your name again signed under a post, and such a good one too. Thanks for pointing in that direction, the man is on the right track, wish him luck.

  2. can you reup please. link is dead everywhere, even on the artist's site.


  3. k_y I'm afraid that I have lost my copy in a hd crash
    mediafire is simply ridiculous ,try the soundcloud link.