October 10, 2011

Ljubo Stipišić Delmata RIP

Just a few days ago we had posted his Antology, on 09.10.11 this guardian of Dalmatian musical heritage, took of for the stars. His words and work show a man deeply spiritual, conductor, composer, arranger and melodist, leader and founder of numerous klapa groups, he has also published several books of poetry and aphorisms. "If this all doesn't have purpose of becoming a better man, than it doesn't have eny meaning at all". Described as natural, secretive and upright, lived a modest life in joyful gratitude, witnessing the truth in a world, where truthful walk alone. His works have long been making their mark, and their value is priceless ...

more on spirit

An interview in croatian

Certany moast known of his works...

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  1. Kokolo. Sad news indeed. I like the quote, If it doesn't make us better what's the point.