August 5, 2011

The Free Zen Society

Zeena Parkins (harpsichord); William Parker (double bass); Matthew Shipp (piano); Arranger: Peter Gordon (All other sounds).

1. Lightly Dropping
2. Thought Free
3. Surrender
4. Dream Escapes
5. Majestical
6. Glistening
7. Streaming Through
8. Clocking Space

You have read the names behind this project, If you know their usual stuff you are in for a surprise (it might be pleasant).


  1. I love surprises,I'll go without hesitation for another revelation,thank you goodone!

  2. Hope I didn't disappoint you, I myself am in a mood for some soothing sounds.

  3. not at all kokolo,(and in a mood for some soothing living);)