September 12, 2010

David S. Ware ~ Shakti

AUM Fidelity
Orig Year 2009

David S. Ware (tenor saxophone, kalimba);
Joe Morris Orchestra, Joe Morris (guitar, percussion);
William Parker (bass instrument);
Warren Smith (drums, percussion).

1. Crossing Samsara
2. Nataraj
3. Reflection
4. Namah
5. Antidromic
6. Shakti: Durga/Devi/Kali

...Yes, this is holy music, as suggested by the name of the title cut. Shakti is the Hindu term that can be loosely defined as the divine, creative cosmic force that occurs when a being is at one with the entire universe. Ware and company play to get in touch with these inner divinations in a way analogous to the manner in which some people pray to find the god within themselves...
Steve Horowitz

It soundzzzzzzz like .........