August 5, 2010


Armenia is enriched by healthy and delicious foods and fruits. Apricot is one of the most preferred and healthy fruits in Armenia during the summer season. This colored and beautiful fruit, full of beta-carotene and fiber, is an excellent food for your diet. It provides valuable nutrition for body protects from all kinds of diseases and decreases skin problems.
Besides being known in Armenia, Apricot is known as a special fruit worldwide, as it contains gold. Apricot is known as “medicine for heart diseases”. It prevents heart attacks, cancer, improves the immune system. Apricot is truly a blessed fruit.

Armenia is known by its tasty apricot. The warm climate of summer is suitable for cultivating the sweatiest and the healthiest apricot. This period is called “apricot season”. The fruit has been cultivated in Armenia since ancient times. No wonder it is considered native.
Take a summer tour in Armenia and you will become a witness of apricot harvesting in Armenian villages, gardens, peasants’ lands etc. Armenians make apricot jams and jellies, marmalade, juices and compote. Armenian bars and restaurants, cafes and hotels serve fresh juice of apricot.
Armenia famous musical instrument “duduk” is a cylindrical tube made from the Apricot wood (in Armenian “tsiranapogh” apricot pipe).  The Armenian duduk is one of the oldest double reed instruments in the world. The apricot tree is the best material for duduk.
The duduk is a traditional woodwind instrument popular in the Caucasus, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The English word is often used generically for a family of ethnic instruments including the doudouk or duduk (դուդուկ) (also tsiranapogh (ծիրանափող, literally "apricot horn") in Armenian, the düdük or mey in Turkey, the duduki in Georgia, the balaban (or düdük) in Azerbaijan, the narmeh-ney in Iran, the duduka or dudka in Russia and Ukraine. The word itself is ultimately derived from Turkish "düdük",likely of onomatopoeic origin. The word dudka in Slavic languages is a diminutive of duda and is of native Slavic origin.


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