August 1, 2010

Free Spirits

Mary Lou Williams - Free Spirits
Steeplechase 1975

1) Dat Dere
2) Baby Man#2
3) Baby Man
4) All Blues
5) Temptation
6) Pale Blue
7) Free Spirits#2
8) Free Spirits
9) Blues for Timme
10) Ode to Saint Cecilie
11) Surry With the Fringe on Top
12) Gloria
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excerpt from interview with Mary Lou Williams
between sets at Keystone Korner, S.F., 1978

I play all styles, everybody should. It's all great. And what has happened during this era, some of the avant-garde guys think they're so far out until they're greater than the other cats but they're not. All the music is great. It's music that should be on earth, should be played all the time because it has a healing in it. And it's a conversation, if you can get to it while you're playing. It's really needed. There's a need for people to hear because the commercial music that's being played on radio and TV, it makes people frantic and puts people up in the air so far and you need something to quell them, you know what I mean. Because I see great havoc on earth if jazz doesn't come back on radio and TV soon because the other music is making people too nervous.

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  1. Thks for reminding us of a luminous being & of her art which was too often taken as granted. Duke was right: "She is like soul on soul". Peace & clouds of joy.